About Us

Forecare Pvt Ltd is a preventative medical equipment production company based in Sri Lanka holding both production and distribution under one roof. One of our primary products include the premium quality “Forecare-disposable facemask”. The company directors Mr. Anushka Gunasinghe and Mr.Tilina Wijesiri has a passion in driving Sri Lankan products to be recognized for its quality in local and international markets alike. Mr. Anushka Gunasinghe  is a successful entrepreneur in Sri Lanka who also lead the chair of National Enterprise Development Authority from 2020. Mr. Thilina is also engaged in founding his own company , and make his mark in Sri Lankan Commercial world.

And in doing so we hope to create high standards and considerable demand for our products.

Forecare face mask is the best facemask produced in Sri Lanka using finest quality materials resourced from responsible sources. The production line and factory, equally maintain the necessary safe and sanitary environments, following green strategies in a way that is beneficial for both workers as well as consumers. Our priority is not only the product itself but also the quality control of production line as well as the wellbeing of our team. This hard working team is the reason that our consumers get to use best looking, comfortable and effective masks and get them conveniently delivered to their doorsteps as well.

Each mask is equipped with comfortable thick ear loops, making it easy to wear them all day long. The nose wire helps to seal the three layered mask on to the face. Melt blown layer in the middle helps with effective germ filtration while other layers help with dust and small particle filtration.

Our product is packaged in three systems, including a sealed polyurethane packaging and a beautiful paper package to hold for long term use. One package holds 50 masks of premium quality. Considering the color preferences of our consumers we have come with ice blue and pure white colors for you to choose from.

Apart from commercial distribution of the product, we are also engaged in charitable contributions all around the country in the face of this dire situation. We collaborate with charitable organizations as well as conduct distributions initiated by our own company.

This product has been now introduced to the international markets, including countries like Turkey, Maldives and Singapore. And we wish to expand our horizons with every given opportunity to take Sri Lankan name to international market.

We are proud to say that “Forecare disposable face mask” has obtained the approval of the NMRA, while being proven to be a 99% effective in germ filtration by labs of Bureau Veritas.

Protection is better than cure! Keep yourself protected with “Forecare”!